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Our private investigators at Corinthian Group are aware that going through a separation or divorce is an extremely emotional phase in one’s life. Employing a competent team of investigation experts may lessen the occurrence of false claims, support legitimate complaints, and guarantee that a child’s welfare comes first. It is best to be assured whenever a child’s safety is at stake. If no suspicious behavior is found, everyone may relax knowing that the youngster is in good care.

Why Is Corinthian Group The Most Qualified Child Custody Investigator?

Families and attorneys rely on Corinthian Group to compile evidence that helps them win custody disputes and protect their clients’ children.

Corinthian Group has years of experience dealing with legal firms around Florida and knows how to win in court. When determining the child’s best interests, courts have little data to go on, and social workers being duped by a vengeful ex-spouse is not unheard of. Don’t be the parent that places their child in an ex-care spouse’s and jeopardizes their mental, physical, and religious safety. Family investigations are their area of expertise for our private investigators in California. And expertise Is most important when your child’s life and future are at risk.

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Is Your Ex-Spouse A Threat To Your Children’s Well-Being?

A court has difficulty identifying parents who endanger their children’s well-being. Short trials and impromptu evidence simply do not give the context required to comprehend dangerous conduct. However, there are certain evident signs of poor parenting that judges and social workers watch for. Corinthian Group is an expert at gathering evidence for court. From surveillance to undercover operations to questioning neighbours, we will obtain the proof you need to win.

  • Violence or abuse in the past towards the spouse or children
  • Inability to meet the requirements of children due to financial instability
  • Ignoring and disregarding the needs of children
  • Physical condition and previous mental illness history
  • Possibility of leaving the country
  • Abuse of drugs and alcohol, especially when it’s close to children
  • Engagement in criminal activity 
  • Driving offences in the past
  • Hygiene in the home and communicable illnesses
  • Any other signs that the parent is unsuited to care for the kids

Don’t let your partner mislead the system. The major priority of our Investigators at Corinthian Group is the well-being and security of your child.


Our Investigators Will Hunt For The Answers You Require!

Our investigators have decades of surveillance investigation experience. As the premier private detective agency in California, we are licensed and prepared to conduct round-the-clock surveillance and uncover any harmful behaviors or addictions that may jeopardize your children’s wellness and safety, including background, and job checks, social behavior, promiscuity, and multiple sexual partners, and the behavior of the new partner.

Another area that some people want to avoid by claiming jobless is the payment of support or the absence thereof. These people frequently work, but they choose not to mention it. As a top-notch private investigation agency, it is our obligation to work as hard as we can to uncover these integrity violations.

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Failing to plan is planning to fail.

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