Criminal Defense Investigations                        

If you believe you are innocent and have been wrongfully accused of a crime, hiring a private investigator should be the next move in your case. Our investigators have had the extraordinary experience of working with both the prosecution and the defense in criminal matters. As a result, our investigator has the unique skill and experience to evaluate all data from two perspectives. Our criminal defense investigators can assist in the conception and implementation of a rational and sustainable trial defense through the expert use of fact investigations. We gather viable evidence for defense counsel to develop a strong case strategy and demonstrate reasonable doubt. Our criminal defense investigators have handled cases including crimes committed against children, drug charges, murder, and fraud, among several other crimes.

Private Investigators’ Versatility and Expertise in a Criminal Defense Investigation

Private investigators are helpful to criminal defense lawyers because they are well-versed in the law. They comprehend the charges leveled against a defendant and utilize this information as they establish a concrete picture of the situation at hand.

Our investigators have a track record of success in courtroom trials. We take a team approach to every investigation with the single goal of performing a fact investigation that enables the legal team to make informed judgments early on and during the case.

The investigation team reads the prosecution’s documents several times, compares them, and looks for discrepancies and potential new evidence. In a probe for criminal defense, our private detectives:

  • Delve into police reports.
  • Review the evidence very carefully.
  • Review photos in detail.
  • Take a closer look at your voicemails.
  • Review the testimony provided.

The most competent defense lawyers know when to outsource work and use private investigators’ skills to their advantage. Our investigators at Corinthian Group not only have training in criminal defense investigations but also possess extensive subject-matter knowledge in other situations and types of investigations, such as:

  • A background check
  • Fraud investigations in business
  • Inventory checks
  • Organizational investigations
  • Infidelity investigations
  • Surveillance operations


Alongside validating theories or building a defense, our private investigators in California can educate and inform attorneys about subjects directly related to the issue at hand that they may be unfamiliar with. When it comes to criminal defense, more information is usually better.

Feel free to contact us at (877)687-3939/OUR-EYEZ and we can discuss a variety of available options.

Why Choose Corinthian Group for Your Criminal Defense Investigation?

Our criminal defense investigators at Corinthian Group have the skills and training to verify law enforcement’s work and to check it for flaws or discrepancies. When necessary, we go the extra mile and are incredibly skilled at finding fresh data sources, proof, and witnesses. As the client gets ready for trial, it is our responsibility to complete the bigger picture and lessen their exposure.

Our investigative team consists of board-certified investigators, professionals with various credentials, and subject matter specialists who are thoroughly versed in the specifics needed for criminal defense evidence. A professional investigator’s involvement guarantees neutrality, fairness, and objectivity, as well as a morally and legally sound approach to obtaining, preserving, and presenting evidence.

Get in touch with us to discuss your criminal defense case and how we can strengthen your defense plan.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

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