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Drones have provided private investigators with a new way to conduct targeted surveillance investigations employing drone & aerial surveillance approaches, even though many aerial photographers & filmmakers use them for their art & other projects. Private detectives are no longer required to spend the entire day in a hot car while holding a camera with a zoom lens because drones are a fantastic tool for pre-surveillance, evidence gathering, and litigation support.

Most people typically associate drones with military applications. Although you might be tempted, you might break many laws and moral standards if you conduct your drone or aerial surveillance investigation. A private investigator or private detective is licensed and aware of the complexities of state-specific privacy laws and codes regarding drone surveillance of any kind.


How Does Our Private Investigator Use Drones In California?

Pre-Surveillance Activities: This entails surveying the area for potential mobile or fixed positions, points of evacuation, and even significant regions before beginning a surveillance investigation.

Real-Time Surveillance: It is possible with the drone for a private detective. In rural places, this is very beneficial. Drones can help a private investigator conducting surveillance investigations locate the subjects’ routes or offer a safer substitute.

Access To Difficult Regions: Drone investigations are ideal in some isolated, mountainous, altitude, or over-water areas. Because trees and dense surroundings might restrict a private investigator’s normal line of sight, this form of surveillance inquiry is appealing.

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Some of the cases in which we would deploy our expert drone team include the following:

  • To demonstrate antisocial behaviour in a neighbourhood or community, including nasty neighbours and gang involvement in a specific location
  • If employees are violating the law and stealing from their employers, but the evidence is difficult to collect, drones can be utilised to gather evidence.
  • To demonstrate that people or refuse service providers are fly-tipping. We frequently cooperate with local law enforcement by providing covert drone surveillance to prevent fly-tipping and the harm it may do to the neighbourhood environment.
  • To reveal trespassing or unlawful activity on private land in rural areas, whether it is drug dealing affecting agricultural enterprises or any other form of illicit activity, drones can sometimes be used to gather evidence in areas where on-foot agents might be detected.
  • To reveal any criminal behaviour or intent. When there is any suspicion that a person or a group is breaching the law or is planning to violate the law and evidence must be acquired, drones will be used depending on the extent of criminal behaviour.



Why Choose Drone Surveillance Experts From Corinthian Group?

Our qualified private investigators’ familiarity with privacy regulations is the fundamental justification for employing them. They are aware of when they can and cannot conduct investigations using drones and aerial surveillance. Employing a highly qualified and certified drone operator guarantees that the data we collect on behalf of our customer complies with all legal and ethical criteria, in addition to guaranteeing that we follow the necessary legislation.

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