Hiring a Private Investigator: What you need to know!

Are you considering to hire a private investigator?

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Methods of Discreet Communication:

It has been our experience that the first thing that most people need to consider before hiring a Private Detective/Investigator is to determine the means of communication between yourself and the Private Investigator. This is extremely relevant during Infidelity Investigations cases when a spouse is afraid to make or receive contact with the Private Investigator. So if you have a telephone that can be monitored by the person or entity you want investigated? Our 1st recommendation would be to get a pre-paid calling card.Our 2nd recommendation is to create a new email account (Yahoo, Google, MSN etc.) for email communications and make sure that you delete your browsing history every time you visit a Private Investigation website. Clear the cache, cookies, history, passwords and forms in the browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla-Firefox, Maxthon, Netscape etc.) that you use to surf the Internet. Our 3rd recommendation is to determine the best time & days of the week that the Private Investigator can contact you. It may also be necessary to have you (the client) communicate with us when it is appropriate. Nonetheless, this a very important factors to consider before contact a Private Investigation Agency. However, if you have any questions regarding methods & times of communication?

Feel free to contact us at (877)687-3939/OUR-EYEZ and we can discuss a variety of available options.

Keys to a Successful Investigation: Discreetness & Planning

Conducting an investigation on a person who is aware of such an investigation, allows the person being investigated to hide, alter or destroy possible evidence that could be used against them.DO NOT TAKE UNNECESSARY RISK AND POSSIBLY COMPROMISE YOUR INVESTIGATION. ***Loose lips, sink ships*** The best results oriented investigation is done when the fewest people are aware of it. There are plenty of cases where our clients have hired a Private Investigator on more then one occasion. Time after time, clients contact us and or another Private Investigator after they have informed & confronted the person that is to be investigated of their prior investigative attempts. When clients are so eager to use investigative efforts to shame their spouse and or significant other into submission, they rarely get a return on their investment, it only increases the risk of harm to our investigators (male & female alike) and will increase the overall cost to provide a results oriented investigation. This type of thinking comes from either immaturity and or a lack of planning. Use the evidence from an investigation in a mature, responsible and productive manor. Take the time to prepare yourself before the investigation and have a useful plan for the information we obtain during the investigation.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

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