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The value of visual proof cannot be overstated! We have the expertise and produce the desired outcomes. We have helped save our clients millions of dollars in personal injury and workers’ compensation claims through professional surveillance operations.

Surveillance is a style of investigation involving physically or technologically observing a person, location, or vehicle to collect information or evidence relevant to any investigation. Surveillance may provide accurate, direct, and critical information about any problem that is being encountered.

Why Is Corinthian Group The Best In Conducting Surveillance Operations?

Covert surveillance is a specialty of our California private investigators. We deliver professional reports, still images, and videos. You can get clear answers with physical, aerial, digital, financial, and documentary monitoring. Because of this, we collaborate with people, prestigious businesses, legal firms, insurance providers, and security services all around California. We are respected for our discretion and our ability to coordinate multi-operative / investigator surveillance operations.

We Have Cutting-Edge Technologies

We work hard to run the best and most competent private investigation agency in the state of California. Each year, we devote thousands of dollars to technological research and the creation of exclusive internal technologies. As such, Corinthian Group has worked with high tech manufacturing companies to develop new surveillance devices that can be deployed more efficiently in the investigation field. Every situation is different; therefore, it is prudent for Corinthian Group Private Investigators to develop new countermeasures and applications for the new technologies being developed every quarter.

Our innovative technologies include motion detection cameras, unmanned aerial surveillance, and hidden cameras stationary surveillance packages that can infiltrate just about any neighborhood and or any environment. Every year, we acquire all of the cameras currently available that meet our requirements and put them through head-to-head testing. After determining the best cameras, we implement the various devices accordingly and ensure Corinthian Group’s Private Investigators know how to utilize them successfully in the field.

Feel free to contact us at (877)687-3939/OUR-EYEZ and we can discuss a variety of available options.

Corinthian Group Is Your Go-To Source for Intelligence Surveillance InformatioN

The Corinthian Group collaborates with and is contracted by some of the top surveillance private investigative agencies in the industry because of our reputation for successfully managing multi-operative / investigator surveillance operations. Corinthian Group Private Investigators employ top-notch surveillance methods and have extensive background in law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels. We deliver real-time video, pictures, and accurate reporting. Due to the fact that we have decades of experience to proactively plan for any possibility, we have solved even the most complex and difficult surveillance operations. We can help you the next time you need to conduct technological or physical observation on a person, vehicle, location and or facility.

Our Expertis

  • Individual surveillance
  • Child custody and cohabitation proof
  • Behavior and activities of a spouse and a partner
  • Asset and Debtor Monitoring
  • Intelligence regarding competitors
  • Trustee and beneficiary monitoring in an estate
  • Compliance and corporate risk
  • Occupational misconduct
  • Corporate profiling
  • Screening of human resources
  • Insurance claimant behavior
  • Monitoring of Missing Persons


Corinthian Group Has The Best Investigators To Get You Answers

Our specialized team of investigators comprises former detectives with decades of experience conducting successful investigations. Our detectives are well familiar with California’s streets. Our ability to be unnoticed by our targets while conducting surveillance is something we, as California’s top investigators, take great pleasure in. When you choose Corinthian Group, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the greatest workforce possible. The best family law attorneys and businesses in California rely on us.

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