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understanding infidelity

There’s no justification for being unfaithful to your spouse or significant other. However, understanding your spouses behavior is necessary to protect your heart, your children and your assets!

10 signs your spouse might be cheating

Sign #1: Changing Habits 

All of a sudden, your husband starts changing his habits, such as leaving for work early, coming home late or even trading in the family van for a new fashionable car. It could be a midlife crisis, but if it is, he shouldn’t be secretive about his behavior. 

Sign #2: Unexplained Items 

Have you noticed your wife with new clothes? Pieces of jewelry that may not be from a great aunt after all? Or maybe your husband keeps odd items in his car, such as blankets and cologne. Other questionable items that could indicate an affair include hotel keys, ticket stubs and restaurant receipts. 

Sign #3: Excessive Spending 

Unexplained spending is another red flag. Are there charges to your credit card that look suspicious? Large withdrawals from the ATM? If money is going out the window and your spouse can’t explain why, it’s possible that it may be funding an affair. Which leads to our next sign… 

Sign #4: Secretive Accounts 

Some cheating spouses think the best way to hide their spending is by taking control of the family’s finances. Or, they may take out new credit cards or set up an account in their name only. 

Sign #5: Hidden Bills and Letters 

It’s also suspicious if your husband begins hiding letters, stashing away bills or even having mail forwarded to a new address. In fact, people who hire private investigators are often shocked to learn that their cheating spouse had a secret mailbox. 

Sign #6: Strange Communication 

The phone rings at night, you answer, and the person hangs up. Or, you may notice that your wife receives text or email messages that are written in a coded language. This secretive, odd communication is another red flag. 

Sign #7: Social Media Activity 

It may seem childish, but you can learn a lot from social media. Some of the telltale signs that your spouse may be in another relationship: a separate profile, checking in places that you weren’t invited to or conversations, tags and status updates with a person of interest. 

Sign #8: Extra Grooming 

Your husband may be spending more money on expensive clothes, dying his hair or driving around a luxury car. The body he was once happy with isn’t cutting it anymore. It could be that he wants to improve himself, but it could be that he’s working hard for another reason…or person… 

Sign #9: Business Trips 

This is the one you probably see in the movies, but it’s not far off from real life. Business trips are the perfect excuse to get away for the weekend and have limited contact, thus giving attention to an extramarital affair. You’ll know when the business trips don’t line up with his job description anymore. 

Sign #10: Picking Fights 

A cheating spouse is always on the defense. If you find that all of a sudden, your spouse is constantly picking fights, making hurtful remarks or being unusually defensive about their whereabouts, keep your eyes open, especially if the behavior doesn’t pass. 

What do you do if you believe your husband or wife is cheating? Contact a private investigator who can collect real information and get you the answers you need.

That sick feeling you get when your partner is “working late” again is often your gut telling you something is amiss. However, leveling accusations of infidelity against your spouse can cause a huge rift in your relationship, if your suspicions prove to be false. That’s precisely
where the experienced private investigators at Corinthian Group come in. For more than 20 years, our stealthy, fully licensed private investigators have helped countless men and women to learn the truth about what’s going on when their spouse is acting strange.

Private investigators use a variety of surveillance methods to help you determine if your spouse is cheating. The law surrounding GPS tracking remains a bit murky. However, you can certainly permit a Private Investigator to place a GPS tracking system on a vehicle you own. So if your
spouse uses a car that you own, your private investigator may recommend affixing a GPS system. This can be especially helpful in Los Angeles, where in-person surveillance can easily be disrupted by traffic congestion.

Private investigators may also track online activity to help clients determine if their spouse is being untrue. Experienced investigators are skilled in following movements online made by individuals, which can be helpful to spouses who are concerned about their partner’s behavior
but need help to confirm suspicions. 

Although technology has made it easier for spouses to discover infidelity on their own, sometimes you want irrefutable evidence that can only be produced by a firm that provides infidelity investigations. Using a variety of techniques and technologies, which can range from hidden cameras, to recording devices, to in-person tailing, to in-car cameras, trained private investigators can be worth their weight in gold, when it comes to delivering the evidence you need.

Feel free to contact us at (877)687-3939/OUR-EYEZ and we can discuss a variety of available options.

infidelity under the magnifying glass

According to Don-David Lusterman, Author of ”Infidelity: A Survival Guide”, Infidelity can take on several different forms. Lusterman defines an affair as an extramarital involvement that takes place over time. Affairs can be emotionally intense but non-sexual relationship, purely sexual relations with no emotional bond, or can include both sexual and emotional relations.

Nonetheless, while adultery is generally defined as voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man or married woman with someone other than his or her spouse. Experts disagree on precisely what infidelity entails. However, a growing consensus (backed by Biblical Scriptures from both the Old & New Testament) that cheating is not limited to sexual unfaithfulness, but that it also occurs when a spouse forms a strong emotional attachment outside of marriage.

* Scripture Examples *
Proverbs 6:25-26 (NIV) – Old Testament
” Do not lust in your heart after her beauty or let her captivate you with her eyes, for the prostitute reduces you to a loaf of bread, and the adulteress preys upon your very life .”

Matthew 5:27-28 – New Testament
” You have heard that it was said, ” You shall not commit adultery. 28- ” But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart “.

Talk with a Corinthian Group Infidelity Private Investigator About Your Cheating Spouse

If you’re struggling with suspicions that your spouse is cheating, a private investigator can help. Instead of wondering “what if?” or “could they actually be having an affair?” you will receive a comprehensive report to help put the issue to rest. Private investigators offer confidential and discreet communications, and provide evidence of their findings, at a time and location of your choosing. At the Corinthian Group, our private investigators are trusted by insurance companies, national retailers, municipalities, celebrities, VIPS, private businesses, and more to investigate theft, fraud, and infidelity. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation by calling 877-687-3939. You may also send us a message online.

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