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insurance fraud investigations

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Insurance fraud is a serious crime; therefore, let Corinthian Group Private Investigators put a stop to it before it worsens. As your trusted and skilled private investigators in California, our main purpose is to uncover and stop insurance fraud. We specialize in identifying & detecting insurance fraud RED FLAGS, employing cutting-edge technology and procedures to capture perpetrators in the act, such as those misrepresenting the severity of their injuries, malingering, fabricating claims, failing to declare income, working while injured, and several other illegal activities. Our highly trained and experienced insurance fraud investigators are ready to collect irrefutable evidence and verify whether or not fraud is present in your case. Corinthian Group’s insurance fraud investigations will yield results. So, rest assured that a top-notch investigative team is working for you.

Types of Insurance Fraud

  • Lying about or exaggerated an injury
  • Orchestrating an accident to get insurance compensation
  • Failure to report earnings when injured
  • Failing to disclose other employment
  • Lying about the terms of the claim
  • Filing several claims under different names
  • Excluding/ Omitting past injuries
  • Withholding facts that might influence insurance and compensation.

How Do We Investigate Insurance Fraud?

With our investigations uncovering the truth, Corinthian Group’s private investigator’s are workers compensation insurance fraud experts. In addition to completing continuing education certifications provided by the California Department of Insurance SIU training, we work collaboratively with big law firms, organizations, small enterprises, and individuals to ascertain whether fraud is being perpetrated.



Conducting interviews for AOE/COE (“Arising Out of Employment or in the Course of Employment”) investigations is a crucial part of the claims investigation process. These types of investigations include an evaluation of the employee’s job description and range of responsibilities, interviews with insurance agents and employers, and interviews with witnesses, supervisors, injured parties, and other people who may know facts about the situation that occurred. Delays in getting an AOE/COE investigation might also result in inaccurate witness testimony and make it more difficult to acquire more information. The Corinthian Group Private Investigators are experienced in every aspect of AOE/COE investigations.

To ensure that our clients obtain an in-depth and information-packed AOE/COE investigative report, Corinthian Group employs highly skilled and experienced investigative specialists. Our AOE/COE investigators have experience in constructing fraud cases for prosecution as well as obtaining the needed information which will be invaluable to the surveillance investigation. Both experiences, in our opinion, are essential for the best claims mitigation.

Our Objectives:

  1. Ensure the defense attorney has access to any relevant information that could be utilized to disprove the allegation at the initial deposition.
  2. Ensure that the surveillance investigators and everyone else engaged in a certain case have access to all necessary personal data (verified whenever possible).
  3. To have a tactical interview strategy, asking pertinent questions that can serve as potential proof of fraud.

Corinthian Group has detailed knowledge of how our investigations can potentially save insurance companies millions of dollars each year. That is why we aim to offer significant outcomes by employing the most up-to-date methods and technology while staying discreet and exercising good judgment throughout operations. Our clients confidently and comfortably rely on us because we can handle difficult and delicate investigations while providing evidence that truly mitigate claims.


Our qualified private investigators in California are prepared to take your case if you believe insurance fraud is taking place. Therefore, contact Corinthian Group – Your Top Insurance Fraud Investigators!


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