Workplace/Employee Malfeasance

Your company may suffer significant income losses due to misbehaving staff and management, missing products, and sabotage. These factors can also make the workplace unsafe for employees by creating a hostile environment. Trust Corinthian Group to uncover the truth if you believe that workplace issues are having a negative impact on your company.

Our expertise as workplace investigators enables us to conduct internal workplace investigations that provide the crucial information you’ve been searching for in a quick, accurate, and covert manner. Our personnel can gather crucial information that can help your organization grow, become better, and be safer, from theft concerns to in-depth workplace misconduct investigations.

The Benefits of Contracting Out Employee Misconduct Investigations

A professionally executed employee misconduct investigation is especially helpful when challenging or unusual misconduct circumstances are present. Working with a certified private investigation agency relieves your human resources department of the obligation to educate itself on noncompliance problems and lessens any further stress that witnesses and victims could feel. Hiring a private investigator ensures that the inquiry is completed quickly, objectively, and impartially.

For those employees who are aware that you are outsourcing the investigation activities, this choice conveys the message that you take the situation seriously. Using a private surveillance investigator also makes it apparent that you want employee misconduct investigations to be conducted impartially, eliminating any possibility of partiality or prejudices connected with having a corporate employee conduct the inquiry.

Feel free to contact us at (877)687-3939/OUR-EYEZ and we can discuss a variety of available options.

Concerns in the Workplace

  • Items that are allegedly stolen, including information theft
  • Poor safety and health practices
  • Carelessness and improper behavior by employees
  • Operation or employee sabotage
  • Hostility from colleagues
  • Drinking or drug use at work
  • Time theft
  • Operations and systems abuse
  • Workplace harassment
  • Unfriendly workplace


How Do We Investigate Workplaces?

Precision, caution, and sound judgment are necessary to learn what occurs at your place of employment. You’ll get it from our skilled investigators, who will use the most recent equipment, databases, and techniques to discover what’s happening at your company. We use various methods in our workplace investigations, including surveillance, evaluating security footage, interrogating management and staff, and reviewing personnel files. After the investigation is complete, we will give you a thorough report highlighting the essential information supporting or refuting your workplace accusations.

Why Hire Private Investigators From The Corinthian Group?

When it comes to precise investigations into employee misconduct, our workplace investigation team is made up of a wide range of subject matter experts. We have a high-quality workforce of surveillance professionals who use cutting-edge and contemporary video technology to keep an eye on stationary activities as well as record employee arrival and leave patterns as they move from a location or work site. As part of our investigations into employee misconduct, our experts also perform complete background checks that are thorough and insightful.

We strongly advise contacting the Corinthian Group investigative team if you’re dealing with a delicate employee misconduct case so we can go over our services in more detail. Do not let employee misconduct taint your brand, credibility, status, or bottom line. Contact us right away to schedule a private consultation.

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